Our Story

Robert is the Founder and Owner of Small World Realty

Robert is the Founder and Owner of SWR Group, Home to the SMOKER BROKER. Key facts about our Leader:

  • Built company off empathy and his personal experiences.
  • 17 year veteran in the industry.
  • Licensed Instructor for 10 plus years. Considered an expert in residential real estate.
  • Does over 99 percent of all training personally.
  • One of the few Brokers in the state of Texas who physically reviews ALL documents before they are submitted to a third party. Pretty much eliminates agent errors.
  • Insists on being the point of contact for all issues concerning day to day operations. Encourages all of his agents to call him 24/7 for assistance. Very proud that agents not only are willing to call but are comfortable doing so. Especially late at night when they need the most help.
  • Very well respected by his competitors. Considered extremely genuine and approachable.
  • Excellent agent retention ratio. No system replaces Robert’s knowledge. This is not run as a corporation but more as a family. Completely opposite of the traditional models.
  • Has an impeccable legal and ethics track record. Has never been sued or had any ethics violations.
  • Is not a gray area type of guy. It is either right or it its wrong. He will lose a 100k commission in a matter of seconds if company ethics are in question.

SWR Group at Keller Williams is a unique team in the fact it caters to both full and ESPECIALLY part-time agents. We are looking for three types of associates.

  1. Those who are just starting and need hand-holding throughout the entire process
  2. Those with other obligations such as full-time jobs, stay at home parents, retirees, investors, or even those tired of the corporate world who want change.
  3. Full-time agents.

We are one of the ONLY brokerages in the entire country who can provide full support for part-time agents not wanting to be in the office while at the same time catering to those who do want to be in the office. It is your choice!!